Special thank you to everyone and ALL who is a part of my music journey!
Especially to my husband, Kris Anders for believing in me and promoting my talents along with songwriting!

New Album "Second Chance-songs i wrote for you"

Special thank you to Fred Cannon, Rose Drake, and Paul Buono of Creative and Dreams Music Network for re-producing our songs and believing in us! All the vocals and harmony were recorded by Ray Fulber at Strait Sound Studio, Roberts Creek.

Open Road tour:
Special thank you to Ken McBride (lead guitar) and Barry Taylor (drums) for the countless hours of practicing, the thousands of km of driving together, the super 8 continental breakfast chats, and just the most amazing fellows that I have the privilege of playing with! Thank you also to Kevin Blondin and the Churchouse crew for welcoming us in Windsor, Ontario, shooting videos and setting up awesome gigs for us!!

Canadian Radio Promotion:
Janet Panic with Voices Radio (amazing singer/songwriter/performer) www.JanetPanic.com 

Website Photos:
Special thank you to GThomas Muir Photography and Chris Mortensen (Lucid Images Photography) for their generosity and fun with photoshoots!